Have an app idea? Do you need to build separate android, iOS, and Web apps?

There are many apps for which simply having a web version of the app (aka webapp) is sufficient. The main reason for developing an app for each platform (android, iOS, browsers) comes down to requiring access to functionality that is only available in certain platforms. This list can help you determine for what platforms you need to build your app. Native App (Android and iOS) We have to be careful listing too many hardware features and saying they are only accessible using Native Apps. As you’ll read in the Web App section, more and more of Native App features have made their way into Web Apps. So instead of listing … Read More

Venture Capital vs Angel Investors

When starting a technology company, the time will inevitably come, when it needs to seek funding. Two of today’s most popular options are angel investors and venture capitalists. However, it is important to understand who and what they are as well as the difference between them, in order to decide which type of funding is appropriate for an individual startup. This also highly depends on the startups current stage of development. Venture Capitalists are usually formed as Limited Partnerships, in which the partners invest in a Venture Capital fund. They then invest the funds capital in emerging high technology companies, e.g. in the biotechnology or IT industry, supporting their development … Read More

What is a disruptive technology?

Many startups hope their idea and business model will be a game changer, a disruptive technology displacing established market leaders and changing the way we do things forever. It might be an innovation that changes the way we pay for things, the way we communicate with each other, the way we stay informed and access knowledge or the way we listen to music or watch movies. Wikipedia was a disruptive technology almost completely erasing “old fashion” encyclopedias from our bookshelves, the invention of plastic replaced wood, metal or glass in many of their former purposes and digital media made a huge impact on the music and film industry’s sales of … Read More

Bootstrapping a Startup Business

In the context of startup businesses the term “bootstrapping” refers to a self-funded financing model. It means a newly founded company forgoes any external financing as in bank loans or shareholder investments etc. and solely relies on its own capital resources and the revenue it generates. The term most likely originated in the beginning of the 19th century from phrases like “pull oneself over a fence by one’s bootstraps” and implied an nearly impossible action. Hence, the level of risk for the business owner is relatively high as all the money for the initial investments are coming from his own savings. In most cases this results in a very tight … Read More