Are you a lawyer with an idea for an app?

We build prototypes in days to help you get to a Minimum Viable Product a week.

We build you an app with core features that delivers an amazing experience to a set of early adopters.

Get your idea in front of users

We spread the word, get you users, and validate your idea.

We spread the word & get you users

By using multiple channels to reach your target audience and make signing up irresistible and easy.

Build your app

With the fewest set of features that will deliver an amazing experience to a set of early adopters

Are those early adopters buying? Then you have an MVP my friend.

Prepare for

We help you improve your AARRR Metrics and hone your business model.

Prepare for Funding

We make clear what your value proposition is, what market you fit in, and why you need investors for your business to grow.

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We are looking for

who have a great idea for an App or Web application that can resolve a particular problem in a better way.

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We are based in Miami

Now the second most entrepreneurial city in the U.S.

Technology hub

Miami has one of the most diverse populations in the country.


Private equity, venture capital and angel investors are setting up shop in South Florida.

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    Brickell City Center
    78 SW 7th St. Miami, Fl 33130
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